The Clydesdales

What a beautiful Horse, lets take a look at how this horse has grown in popularity from it’s humble beginnings. This horse dates back to scotland in the popular city of Lanarkshire around the eighteen hundreds.  At this time the Flemish stallion was very popular is many the reason why the clydesdale is in existence because it was breed from this particular horse. Scotland at one time had over one hundred thousand farm raised horses all over many cities.  In the early nineteen hundred these horses were in abundance until they were used and exported to serve in the war. Their popularity began to dwindle because of the war and the use of the tractor. After 1920, their population and count had went down in Scotland and Australia tremendously. Even in the United States up until the 1970’s they became scarce and titled to be at risk. A Clydesdales horse can be characterized by it’s beautiful and bold look, it has widely spaced eyes and tall stance. This horse is a true stallion of it kind, and unlike any other horse it should be viewed as creature with undefined intelligence. This horse was definitely breed as a work horse back in agriculture times mainly used for hauling. This horse is very strong and muscular animal with pronounced marking on it’s neck, feet, and body. This horse was always the breed of choice for farmers and other land worker who needed “horse power” to complete difficult hauling task.

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Miniature Horse

Miniature Horse
Miniature Horse

Today I would like to express my interest in the Miniature Horse, a breed of horse that is very special and different. Most miniature horse aren’t taller than forty inches.  If doesn’t have a distinct look, in fact, they come in all sizes, colors and possess the same attributes of any regular sized horse. It has the same           intelligence, mobility and power of any other horse as well The miniature horse comes from a combination of many other breeds which aren’t well known.  It was brought into the the U.S. at the turn of the 19th century.  The miniature horse wasn’t discovered by the U.S. until after the 1950’s and at this time they were used in a work capacity, mostly in mines. This breed of horse was used in the mines because of their statue and ability to pull loads in confined spaces.

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Remembering The Gypsy Horse

The great Gypsy Horse has a long history in Great Britain as a traveling horse accompanied by a caravan. The Gypsy breeders that traveled in these caravans were often characterized by the bright and colorful wagons pulled by the Gypsy Breed. The Gypsy name was originated in the U.S. over sixty years ago. The Horse was breed from three different breeds of horses which varied in statue. One one of those breeds would include the Fells pony, which has a smaller build and is kind to the Dales Pony.  The Gypsy Horse is by far one of the smallest statue of horse in it’s ancestry breed, however the breeding process over many years has contribute to this horse being one the heaviest of it’s kind. This form of breeding took place because the Gypsy breeders wanted to show case their brightly colored wagons, if the horse was to tall then their wagons wouldn’t be visible to their peer and the public eye. In addition to being short, the Gypsy Vanner could easily pull a family because of it’s weight, which in turned made it stronger.

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Welcome to my new website

Gyspy VannerHello, welcome to my new website called Mountain view vanners. My name is Sal, I am 33 years old and I live in the great state of Michigan.  I have always enjoyed and love being around animals all of my life. My parents gave me my first pet at the age of seven and his name was Oscar. They gave me the responsibility of feeding, walking, caring and cleaning up after him. I really enjoyed my experience of taking care of him, and through this experience began my love and admiration for all animals. After my first pet passed away I believe I was around ten years old when I became fascinated with horses.

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