About the team

Hello all, I’m Sal the chief writer of this website. I have always had a overwhelming interest with horses and various breeds. My interest in horses go way back, I can remember growing up in upper Michigan and remembering as a child how I love to visit the various farms just to ride and pet the horses that were available to the public. As a teenager I went to many county fairs, that really piked my interest with horses and the various breeds of horses.  I remember going with my friend and not spending much time at the various game stations or riding on the ferris wheel, but allocating my time at the animal show case.  I also wonder if I lost some of my friends because of my weird fascination with horses at such an early age. As I became older, entering into adult age, I keep my passion, thrill and interest alive for these God sent creatures. I began writing about these creatures on a regular basis and doing research on them. when blogging became popular I began following suite by posting my thoughts about the history of horses and how to properly raise them. On this website I will explore one of my favorite breeds, The Vanner Gypsy, and their history, and also the history of other breeds of horses. The history of horses are very important because it shows our tremendous progress as it relates to our advancement of different modes of transportation. I have a group of individuals writers on my team that share the same passion about horses and their history. I believe that horses today play an important role in our society because they have been around for a long period of time and they provide us transportation even today. We should never forget the significants of horses as they relate to the importance of our society.  My team and I will cover many area’s of the history of horses and various breeds, with the out look of educating and stimulating every reader that comes in contact with this website.

Horses are to be loved and cared for like any other animal. I must stress the importance of being able to care for them without prejudice is very important. We will explore how to care for and raise these beautiful creatures by showing our readers how develop a plan to help them live a long time on your farm or dwelling.