Remembering The Gypsy Horse

The great Gypsy Horse has a long history in Great Britain as a traveling horse accompanied by a caravan. The Gypsy breeders that traveled in these caravans were often characterized by the bright and colorful wagons pulled by the Gypsy Breed. The Gypsy name was originated in the U.S. over sixty years ago. The Horse was breed from three different breeds of horses which varied in statue. One one of those breeds would include the Fells pony, which has a smaller build and is kind to the Dales Pony.  The Gypsy Horse is by far one of the smallest statue of horse in it’s ancestry breed, however the breeding process over many years has contribute to this horse being one the heaviest of it’s kind. This form of breeding took place because the Gypsy breeders wanted to show case their brightly colored wagons, if the horse was to tall then their wagons wouldn’t be visible to their peer and the public eye. In addition to being short, the Gypsy Vanner could easily pull a family because of it’s weight, which in turned made it stronger.

The Gypsy horse was breed on the road due to it traveling life style which contribute to it’s statue and temperament. This creature survived on no certain vegetation located at various camp grounds. The Gypsy was always subjected to the weather, which could have been cold and rainy, in which they used their thick hair and feathers to protect themselves while being outside. This animal was part of the family well being. This horse was raised to the degree to allow everyone in the family to easily control it, even a small child, and if this animal wasn’t controllable, then it was removed from the family.

This breed of horse was discovered by two americans who were traveling in England. While traveling they became curious because they witness a horse with unusual feathery type hair and inquired. They were so intrigued with this particular breed, they imported two a few years later. They later name this imported breed.  This name was used only for those who saw the importance of the legacy of the breeding of this particular animal, not the whole Gypsy breeding history. As mentioned earlier, we will continue to update you with the latest information regarding this very unique and special horse with such a far away past. There are many sides to the history of a particular horse, in this case, the Gypsy. We will try to uncover every account, if possible, the history of this great breed of horse. If you, a friend or love one has any connection or ties to the history of the horse, we would appreciate your comment to complete a well documented account of this horse.

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