The Clydesdales

What a beautiful Horse, lets take a look at how this horse has grown in popularity from it’s humble beginnings. This horse dates back to scotland in the popular city of Lanarkshire around the eighteen hundreds.  At this time the Flemish stallion was very popular is many the reason why the clydesdale is in existence because it was breed from this particular horse. Scotland at one time had over one hundred thousand farm raised horses all over many cities.  In the early nineteen hundred these horses were in abundance until they were used and exported to serve in the war. Their popularity began to dwindle because of the war and the use of the tractor. After 1920, their population and count had went down in Scotland and Australia tremendously. Even in the United States up until the 1970’s they became scarce and titled to be at risk. A Clydesdales horse can be characterized by it’s beautiful and bold look, it has widely spaced eyes and tall stance. This horse is a true stallion of it kind, and unlike any other horse it should be viewed as creature with undefined intelligence. This horse was definitely breed as a work horse back in agriculture times mainly used for hauling. This horse is very strong and muscular animal with pronounced marking on it’s neck, feet, and body. This horse was always the breed of choice for farmers and other land worker who needed “horse power” to complete difficult hauling task.

This animal has a great reputation for being well mannered and very dependable. This breed of horse have become more popular since the early 90’s and the popularity has been increasing since then. Most clydesdales are kept for personal reasons and not used for work animals. Anheuser/Busch company has really made this horse become popular to the american people. These horses can be seen in many commercials in full and colorful gear not only broadcasting to all American but all over the world.(History of the Clydesdale)This breed of horse has no major health problem or issues that have been passed down through breeding. Generally this fine specimen has been breed through out time with little to no concerns. Frequent veterinarian visits beginning from birth makes a great difference in how the horse will develop later into adult hood,(says phil from Providing adequate nutrients is paramount for the healthy development of the clydesdale horse and it’s off springs.

Owning these horses require a degree of finance, time, space and land in order to provide the best life style for these creatures. Health and well being should always be at the forefront for any clydesdale horse owner because of it great history in shaping our country. We must be mindful regarding the care and concern for all creatures not just the clydesdale horse. Animal are breed for many different purposes to provide us with a variety of needs to enhance our society. Let us treat all animals with dignity and respect by taking care of them like we would want someone to care for us.(top of page)


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